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Registration Closes on Friday!

We want you to be included in this our 10th celebration of art in Somerville and thought we'd sum up some of the questions you've had so far to encourage you to register in time.

Q: When does registration end?
A: Registration will close this Friday on February 15th. Seriously.

Q: What happens when registration ends?
A: First, it identifies who will participate in the SOS Weekend Event in May. Then, it allows us to add the SOS Weekend Event related information to the publishable materials. On the 16th we lock down the Artist's Public name and studio location information to keep it consistent with the publications until the SOS Event Weekend. The information will be editable again on May 4th.

Q: What are my choices for membership?
A: This year we've tried to simplify things as much as possible. Your membership options are:
1. Basic Web Presence Membership: includes membership to our site to publicize your art throughout the year ($25)
- OR -
2. Event Participation Membership: includes membership to our site (the Basic Web Presence) AND to the SOS Weekend Event on May 3rd &4th ($55)
In addition, you can add to your website presence with an expansion which allows you more artwork and an opportunity to share more details about yourself and your art. ($25).

Q. What does our collective money get us?
A: Lights, trolleys and action!
If we get 220 people, we can have trolleys again.
If we get 250 people, we can have a kickoff event.
If we get 280 people, we can have a radio spot on NPR.
If we get 310 people, we can have 8 light-pole banners in Union Square.
If we get 330 people, we can have 16 light-pole banners.
If we get 360 people, we can have the trolleys run every 20 minutes instead of every 30.

Q. So when in May are we talking?
A: May 3rd and 4th from Noon to 6pm

Q: Ok, ok, I really do want to register, where should I go?

Q: I still have questions!?
A: Comment here or write me at membership @ and let me know what they are and I'll do my best to answer them.

Looking forward to having you with us!
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